July 14, 2022
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The success of digital transformation in organizations developing complex products and systems hinges on rapidly connecting diverse data streams and models across thousands of enterprise tools/services into digital threads. These digital threads form the “information” nervous system of an organization, making it possible to propagate, query, analyze, and present information to decision-makers. Syndeia 3.5 will

June 23, 2022
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As Intercax prepares to roll out Syndeia release 3.5, we’re giving our blog followers an advance look at new features. Part 1 covered Vitech GENESYS, using the Generic RESTful API integration. In this part, we describe Syndeia’s new integration for SmartBear Collaborator. The accompanying video provides an overview of the Collaborator integration using the Syndeia

November 16, 2021
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Syndeia is a digital thread platform for enabling model-based engineering (MBE/MBSE) of complex systems. It provides services to author, query, visualize, and curate open digital threads. Though all of Syndeia’s functionality is accessible via its user interface – Syndeia Cloud Web Dashboard and Syndeia local client Dashboards (SysML tool plugins and Syndeia Standalone) – there