August 1, 2023

While Complexity may be a confusing concept, Activity has clearer correlations with cost and schedule. In this post, I will illustrate some of the ways in which systems engineering activity can be calculated and displayed using Syndeia to query the digital thread for our UGV02 project. Figure 1 displays the number of inter-model relations created

July 27, 2023

The consideration of complexity concerning digital threads is a matter of both good and bad news. The literature on digital complexity metrics is rich with detailed algorithms for graphs and software code, many already available in Python and Gremlin libraries applicable to our demonstration example. On the other hand, the relevance of these to project

July 25, 2023

While this blog series focuses on the general concept of critical metrics for digital threads, we will illustrate these with actual examples. Commercial and open-source tools are available now to put these ideas into practice. For our example, we need a set of Data Sources, a Data Consumer to calculate and display the critical metrics,

July 20, 2023

One great promise of Digital Threads is that project managers can obtain a concise, real-time view of the state of system development. But there have been few examples of what this would look like and how it would be derived. In particular, we need to define critical metrics that the project managers can understand and

February 13, 2023

Intercax was a Ruby sponsor of the 2023 INCOSE International Workshop (IW) in Torrance, CA, USA, Jan 28-31. Our team comprising of Dr. Manas Bajaj (Chief Systems Officer), Lonnie VanZandt (Principal Solutions Architect), and Greg Salow (VP, Business Development) attended the IW to interact with peer system engineers and contribute to the digital engineering, SysML

January 4, 2023

TestRail From Gurock is a test management solution and accessible through the Syndeia Cloud REST API. In this notebook, we demonstrate how to navigate through the multilevel TestRail data model to obtain artifact data at any level. A TestRail Repository contains TestRail Projects, which map to Containers in the Syndeia data model A TestRail Project