On July 9, 2018, Dr. Dirk Zwemer, President of Intercax LLC, gave a presentation at the INCOSE International Symposium in Washington, DC, on “MBSE for Electronic Voting System Security”. The primary objective of the presentation was to support three propositions using the example outlined in Figure 1:

Figure 1 Modeling Architecture
  • MBSE can provide a complete and unambiguous specification of all aspects of an electronic voting system, including requirements, processes, hardware, software, and operations.
  • Such a specification provides a systematic approach to developing a security analysis based on standard FMEA practices.
  • MBSE can provide a framework for federating multiple models that enables better tracking of vulnerability mitigation and more efficient navigation of system data for that purpose.

A video version of this presentation has been posted below. A more complete description of the project, with the SysML models in Cameo System Modeler and IBM Rational Rhapsody), will be published in a forthcoming series of blog posts on this site.

Check out the presentation here:


Dirk Zwemer

Dr. Dirk Zwemer (dirk.zwemer@intercax.com) is President of Intercax LLC (Atlanta, GA), a supplier of MBE engineering software platforms like Syndeia and ParaMagic. He is an active teacher and consultant in the field and holds Level 4 Model Builder-Advanced certification as an OMG System Modeling Professional.