The Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) workshop held at the INCOSE International Workshop in Torrance, CA, USA (Jan 24-25, 2015) hosted a tool vendor challenge in the Model Lifecycle Management track. The challenge problem was the design of a configurable UAV platform that can be used for developing UAVs for different missions, ranging from security and surveillance, search and rescue, to agricultural missions.

We responded to the challenge with a live demonstration of our Syndeia (formerly SLIM) and parametric solver (ParaMagic) software at the MBSE workshop. A recording of this demonstration is included below.


Story of Sam

This is the story of Sam, a smart and experienced system engineer who is using a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach to develop the cUAV platform. Sam is using Syndeia to orchestrate the systems engineering process, coordinating a diverse set of models in enterprise repositories (at different partner locations) from a single unified cUAV architecture in SysML. This diverse set of models includes requirements and product structure managed in Teamcenter (Siemens PLM), cUAV aircraft platform managed in Windchill (PTC), payload instruments managed in MySQL database, 3D CAD models in NX (Siemens PLM), system performance models in Mathematica, and simulation models in Simulink (MathWorks). As a game changer for Sam’s company, Syndeia provides capabilities to generate, connect, compare, and synchronize the system architecture model (SysML) and domain models (PLM/CAD/Database/Simulation) as each of them evolve concurrently. The Syndeia Dashboard provides dynamic and interactive ways to visualize and query this complete federation of models.

To learn more, watch Sam’s story.

Manas Bajaj

Dr. Manas Bajaj is the Chief Systems Officer at Intercax. He leads product research and development, including the Syndeia platform. He focuses on new tools and technologies to support digital thread, digital engineering, and MBSE/MBSE.