We are scheduling the next round of our Online SysML 101 and 201 courses in April–May 2013. These courses are delivered live via GoToMeeting sessions. Here are the specifics for this offering.

What courses are being offered?

We are offering both SysML 101 and 201. Here is a quick summary. Click here to learn more about these courses.

SysML 101 (pre-requisites: None)

  • Overview of Model-Based Systems Engineering and SysML concepts, including all 9 types of diagrams
  • 8 hour course, split into 4 sessions of 2 hrs. each, spread across 2 weeks
  • Quizzes to help you learn the concepts
  • After attending this course, you will be ready to browse and read SysML models/diagrams

SysML 201 (pre-requisites: SysML 101)

  • Hands-on SysML course with extensive tutorials and quizzes
  • 18 hour course, split into 9 sessions of 2 hrs. each, spread across 5-6 weeks
  • Live demos of model creation and execution, followed by homework problems and live discussions
  • You will be working with a SysML modeling tool to create SysML models and execute them, such as for parametric analyses, trade studies, and document generation
  • After attending this course, you will be ready to create and execute SysML models for your system engineering projects/problems

I am interested. What is the pricing and how do I sign-up?

Contact us by email (info AT intercax DOT com) to sign-up. Please feel free to announce this offering to others in your group/organization who may be interested.

About our SysML and MBSE training program

We have a very successful SysML and MBSE training program, jointly developed by Intercax and Georgia Tech, that has been attended by over 2100 system engineers and scientists across various organizations since 2008. Click here to learn more about our training program, including delivery options and instructors.